‌ • Tailored Artist and Label services


We will address specific aspects of your project through hourly 1:1 consulting sessions in which you'll be able to share your doubts, ask for advice and get a second opinion, without having to commit to one of our complete release packages.
The goal is to give you precious insights and tips to allow you to progress in your project independently and check back in with us when you feel the need.

Things we can do
  • Give feedback on your music production
  • Advise on creative direction
  • Assess your release plan
  • Analyse your digital marketing strategy
  • Discuss your promotional plan
  • Advise on distribution, manufacturing and merchandise
  • Analyse your direct-to-fan communication channels
  • Advise on music licensing
  • Consult across music business topics and trends
When is this service useful?

If you're looking for personalised advice and feedback on the way your are planning, executing or promoting your music release independently.

How much does it cost?

A 1h session is priced at CHF 75.00. Packages of 4 sessions can be booked for CHF 275.00 and packages of 10 sessions for CHF 630.00.

What's needed to get started

A “get to know” chat with the Norma team to understand your needs, a vision and some demos.

What's not included

Consultations are online exchanges of knowledge, tips and advice tailored to your project. They don't include the development of a plan, product or project on the artist's behalf. No tangible work will be performed by Norma before, during or after the sessions, and no fees, distribution, printing or advertising costs are included in the price. If your goal is to delegate tasks and responsabilities, please refer to our other services such as Planning and Implementation of release campaigns.