‌ • Tailored Artist and Label services


We will address specific aspects of your project through consulting sessions or add-on services.

Things we can do
  • Consulting across all business topics
  • Register your work at collecting societies
  • Advise you on retail distribution
  • Advise you on music licensing
  • Create your touring checklists
  • Coordinate your funding application
  • Coordinate your paid street advertising campaign
When is this service useful?

If you're looking for help and advice on other topics related to music.

How much does it cost?

Prices are tailored and depend on the support required.

What's needed to get started

A “get to know” chat with the Norma team to understand your needs.

What's not included

Subscriptions and fees (collection societies, foundations...), hosting and domain fees, distribution and shipping costs, printing and advertising costs.