‌ • Tailored Artist and Label services


We'll develop a variety of assets and solutions for your campaign, branding, and promotion. These can be individually picked or added to our planning and implementation services.

Things we can do
  • Design your artwork
  • Shape artwork for digital & physical formats
  • Shoot press photos
  • Build email campaigns
  • Create content for digital channels
  • Create artist websites
  • Set up an online store on your website
When is this service useful?

If you are looking for support with the creation of assets or integration of tools needed in your campaign or in your day to day operations.

How much does it cost?

Prices are tailored and depend on the complexity of the project.

What's needed to get started

A “get to know” chat with the Norma team, finished music, a set creative direction of the project, an approved strategy with its release timeline.

What's not included

Hosting and domain fees, manufacturing and printing costs, subscriptions to third party service providers (email platforms, e-com platforms, etc..).