‌ • Tailored Artist and Label services


We'll go over your existing demos or productions and help you shape them to meet professional standards.

Things we can do
  • Create a production plan and timeline
  • Complete production and take care of tracking or mixing
  • Make remixes and radio edits
  • Organise a Norma Studio Residence (👀 2023)
  • Do A&R consulting for your next release
When is this service useful?

If you are looking for support in finalising your recordings from a technical and creative perspective.

How much does it cost?

Starting at CHF 80.- for a 1h consultation.
Mixing fee starting at CHF 150.- per track.
Studio time starting at CHF 450.- per day (2023).

What's needed to get started

A “get to know” chat with the Norma team, finished music or demos.